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Last Updated April 20, 2018


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04.17.18 - Chicago Blackhawks Monring Links: Offseason Mailback Responses (Seabrooks and Keith)


04.17.18 - Blackhawks Year End Reviews: The Defense


04.11.2018 - At 34, Blackhawks' Duncan Keith to go 'above and beyond' to regain lost form


04.10.2018 - Blackhawks have to bank on better from Keith, Seabrook


04.09.2018 - As Blackhawks clean out their lockers, the talk turns to the future


04.04.2018 - Duncan Keith's late winner helps strike blow to Blues' playoff hopes


03.29.2018 - Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith hawk Gatorade's new flavors


03.21.2018 - Blackhawks' Duncan Keith on verge of setting NHL record for shooting futility


03.05.2018 - Is anyone else worried about Duncan Keith?


03.02.2018 - With Blackhawks season all but over, Keith reflects on how to improve


02.28.18 - Duncan Keith hopes disappointing season just a hiccup for Blackhawks


02.27.18 - Duncan Keith: Charity concert and recent tragedies put Blackhawks 'challenges' into perspective


02.21.18 - Breakfast with a Blackhawk: Duncan Keith


02.20.18 - Blackhawks Kane, Keith, Seabrook and Sharp attend Cmdr. Bauer's Wake


02.15.18 - Watch: Blackhawks' Duncan Keith scores his first goal of the season


01.26.18 - Duncan Keith's goal drought adds to Blackhawks' mounting frustration


01.26.18 - Actions will speak louder than words for Blackhawks


01.17.18 - Duncan Keith's charity concert tickets go on sale


01.10.18 - Blackhawks' Duncan Keith: On Pace to Top 40 Points Yet Again


01.05.18 - Former Michigan State Hockey Players Having Impact in NHL


01.03.18 - Blackhawks' Iconic Jersey Named One of the Best in NHL History





12.30.17 - Chicago Blackhawks New Years Resolutions


12.22.17 - Is Duncan Keith still an elite defenseman?


12.20.17 - Duncan Keith and Cody Franson meshing well on Blackhawks' top D line


12.15.17 - Blackhawks' Duncan Keith Earns Assist Thursday


12.7.17 - Duncan Keith on goal drought: Eventually they'll come


12.3.17 - Chicago Blackhawks' Duncan Keith is More Valuable Now than Ever


11.22.17 - Duncan Keith says he wants to play until he's 45 years old


11.16.17 - Blackhawks' Duncan Keith Tallies Two Assists


10.22.17 - Duncan Keith contributes two assists in win against Arizona


10.21.17 - "Great Veterans" Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook benefit new defensemen


10.13.17 - Blackhawks' Duncan Keith relatively quiet to start season


10.7.17 - Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook happy to get the band back together


10.3.17 - Blackhawks "likely" pairing Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook on top defensive line


10.3.17 - Kane, Keith Rank Among NHL's Top 50 Players


9.30.17 - Chicago Blackhawks Greated 100 - #6 - Duncan Keith


9.27.17 - Three questions with Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith


9.21.17 - Olczyk pays a visit to Chicago Blackhawks


8.14.17 - Paddle for CHEO raises more than $10K


8.11.17 - NHLer helping local kids


8.10.17 - Donation to child development center by Chicago Blackhawks Duncan Keith


8.10.17 - Keith charity to help OSNS families


6.30.17 - Duncan Keith: 'The long journey' best part about Blackhawks' three titles


6.22.17 - Olczyk and Keith share their draft-day stories with Blackhawks


6.17.17 - Best Chicago Blackhawks Draft Picks 2001 - 2004 - Duncan Keith


5.20.2017 - Chicago Blackhawks' Duncan Keith to headline All Star Preps Best of the Rock River Valley Banquet


4.24.2017 - Duncan Keith, Jonathan Toews, Brnet Seabrook will not play for Canada at 2017 World Championship


4.20.2017 - Duncan Keith delivered a brutal, clean hit that sent an opponent's helmet flying


4.20.2017 - Blackhawks' Keith, Oduya reveal their NHL idols


4.11.2017 - Will a deeper Blackhawks defense let Duncan Keith play fewer playoff minute?


4.7.17 - Blackhawks going with skeleton crew as veterans get the night off


4.6.2017 - @properties Checks In with Blackhawks' Duncan Keith


4.3.2017 - NHL Players will not take part in the 2018 Winter Olympics


3.30.2107 - Blackhawks' defensive depth 'pretty scary' to opponents


3.21.2017 - Duncan Keith dishes on why the Blackhawks hunger for another title, and how his son inspires him


3.17.2017 - Blackhawk's Duncan Keith: Goal stretches streak to three games


3.17..2017 - Duncan Keith gearing up for another heavy playoff workload


3.5.2017 - Just like old tmes for Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook


3.5.2017 - Brent Seabrook, Duncan Keith back together after all these years


2.25.2017 - Duncan Keith approaching milestone


1.29.2017 - Duncan Keith's All-Star experience extra special because of 3-year-old son


1.28.2017 - Duncan Keith under-appreciated? Not by those who know best


1.20.2017 - Artemi Panarin shows off Duncan Keith's Russian singing skills


1.12.2917 - Duncan Keith surge in assists just illustrates his importance to offense


1.3.2017 - Duncan Keith to Host Country Concert to Benefit Chicago Families




11.16.2016 - Team Canada's Duncan Keith bows out of World Cup due to injury


11.16.2016 - Duncan Keith and Brian Campbell are quite the pair for Blackhawks


10.12.2016 - Duncan Keith on a new line - of breakfast cereal


10.4.2016 - Duncan Keith's return to action a welcome sight for the Blackhawks


9.23.2016 - Duncan Keith on ice for first Hawks practice


9.15.2016 - Duncan Keith's status unclear for start of Blackhawks regular season


8.24.2016 - Team Canada's Duncan Keith bows out of World Cup due to injury